"The worst part is that this is a self-fulfilling prophecy: If men make an assumption that women aren’t great at tech, then those men won’t help mentor women. Women will then start believing they aren’t great at tech or feel alienated from the community. As a result, there will be no women in tech, which just perpetuates the stereotype and the cycle.

Last year, soon after I’d moved into a co-working space, I was working on yet another Saturday afternoon. A fellow founder in the space — a male, early forties — started chatting with me. He’d just started working on his own startup, and had a question.

“I see you in here every day working late, and on the weekends. I’m building out my own team and was just wondering how he keeps you motivated to work so hard?”

“What do you mean?” I asked. I was thoroughly confused. “Its my own startup. Of course I’m motivated.”

“Ohhh,” his voiced trailed off. “I just thought… well, I just assumed he was the founder.” The guy pointed at Marcin’s desk. Marcin just happened to be the only male on the team who worked in that office."

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Mills College becomes the first single-sex school in the U.S. with policy accepting trans students


Mills College, a women’s school in Oakland, California, has just made history.

The college has adopted a written policy explicitly stating that trans women are welcome to attend the school, making it the first single-sex school in the country with such a policy.

According to school officials, between 3 and 5 of the school’s 1,000 applicants each year identify as trans or gender nonconforming; this policy will make it easier for these students to apply and attend, should they so choose. The first students for whom the new policy applies will begin their classes this coming spring semester. 

“When people can be authentically who they are — that’s who Mills is,” said Mills senior Tess Fillbeck-Bates.

“This is really just a codification of our practice for several years,” said Brian O’Rourke, vice president for enrollment management.

This is a HUGE deal for students of all gender identities. When colleges and universities are inclusive and affirming on paper as well as in practice, it sets a standard for other schools to follow. Well done, Mills. Well done. 

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Adult women are now the largest demographic in gaming



Congratulations, gamer girls—you’re officially at the top of the food chain when it comes to games. A new study released by the Entertainment Software Association has revealed that adult women now occupy the largest demographic in the gaming industry. Women over 18 made up a whopping 36 percent of the gaming population, followed by adult men at 35 percent. 

I cannot wait for men to cry about this

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Arjan by Maarten Schröder


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"Grimm" by Jessica Mailhot


Jessica Mailhot is an undergraduate environmental science student at the University of Vermont. She was raised in rural Massachusetts where nature is her primary muse, but she strives to find artistic and personal inspiration in every curiosity the world has to offer. Her piece, Grimm, was featured in UVM’s literary magazine, Vantage Point.

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Blackbird. Ocean Beach, San Francisco CA 7/514

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hmmmm yeah, tumblr would celebrate Aviation Day, marking barely over a century of human flight when birds had been flying for millions of years before the Wright brothers. never forget.

Tumblr hereby recognizes the accomplishments of birds. 

Oh c’mon! The first time a bird posts on Tumblr, there’ll be a big frickin whoop-di-do, and I guarantee nobody comes on and talks about how humans have been posting on Tumblr for years before a bird pecked out a message about taking a poop on my car.

Excuse you, Crossett. Birds are and have been valued members of the Tumblr community for quite a while now.

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Susan Burger - Blue Agave

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